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Uniquely qualified with both health and safety and engineering expertise, Dr Safety Ltd provide an agricultural expert witness service in both criminal and civil court cases; our work primarily involving agricultural vehicles.

Agriculture is a broad term and refers to agriculture, forestry, environment, horticulture, amenity or any other land-based industry. With agricultural machinery and equipment found in all of these sectors, it is an increasingly technical area, and subject to much legislation.

Duty to the Court

We help the court by giving objective and unbiased opinion based on our expertise; a duty which overrides any obligation to those instructing or paying us. Working from agreed terms of reference or instructions, we will typically:

  • Review available documents, photos, records, CCTV, etc
  • Access the machines relevant technical standards
  • Arrange for examinations and functional tests
  • Draft report and discuss with client/instructing solicitor/barrister
  • Participate in telephone and face-to-face conferences
  • Comment on expert reports from the other side
  • Attend court and give testimony in person

Our work in the criminal courts is governed by the Criminal Procedure Rules and Criminal Practice Directions. In the civil courts it is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules and Civil Practice Directions.

As agricultural expert witnesses giving advice to clients and to the courts on the technical aspects of machinery, we can advise on machine safety; its legal compliance or fitness for importation, reasons for failure or the cause of an accident involving the machine.

Each party in a case will instruct its own expert witness, although on rare occasions Dr Safety Ltd can act as an appointed single joint expert, if co-defendants cannot agree who the expert witness on a particular matter should be.

Agricultural Expert Witness Cases

The independent specialist advice of Dr Safety Ltd is used in a wide range of cases. Our agricultural expert witness service has been employed in many typical situations such as:

  • Overturned tractors, telehandlers, all terrain vehicles, forklift trucks, etc
  • Faulty operating systems on tractors, telehandlers and forklift trucks
  • Accidents involving off-road vehicle towing and recovery
  • Failures of re-purposed agricultural machinery
  • Accidents involving waste and recycling balers
  • Farm/construction equipment coming into contact with pedestrians
  • Safe walkways and vehicle-pedestrian separation on site

Dr Safety Ltd offer legal aid directly, and we are able to appear as part of a formal legal hearing. Our agricultural expert witnesses are available to clients across the UK, to provide a professional service and help fight for your cause.

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